Friday, September 30, 2005


by Remmy Nweke in Berlin

NIGERIAN Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, Prof. Tunde Adeniran, has said that the nation is consolidating on its democratic processes, and drummed support of the international community.

Prof. Adeniran made this statement at the 45th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence in Berlin, Germany, Thursday night during a party at his residence in Landoltweg in Dahlem district of Berlin.

He said that developed countries of the world should assist Nigeria to grow by supporting the current reforms.

Pointing out that on the political front, there have been too many challenges the nation is facing.

Stressing that Nigeria has been addressing these challenges by ensuring the broadening of the political landscape in such a way that it becomes possible to consolidate the democratic processes.

This process, he said, has been on course since the take over of governance by civilians and precisely through the political parties from the military.

The government, Prof. Adeniran, whose 60th birthday also coincided with the anniversary, said has come up with its own agenda, which paved the way for the holding of the month-long Political Reform Conference in Abuja.

He emphasised that this has brought together all the sectors of the Nigerian society to a roundtable.

He pointed out that the outcome would definitely reflect not only on the executive arm of the government alone, but extended to the legislature and judiciary, as well as other parts of the civil society.

According to him, this would additionally show on the way Nigerians would continuously relate to the politics of the nation.

What is happening now in Nigeria in respect to the political and economic reform programmes, he said, calls for the understanding of the entire international community.

“We’re particularly happy due to the supports over the years by the international community and precisely the German government,” he declared.

Prof. Adeniran also urged friends of Nigeria to come out fully so as to be part of the reform processes.

“And to be part of a system that built a better society for all Nigerians,” he asserted.

The occasion was attended by members of the diplomatic corps, business and Nigerian community, with some cultural music entertainment from the Benin, Omo Oduduwa and Nzuko Ndigbo groups.


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